Pinnacle Advertising

Who We

A full-service marketing agency with a track record of making money for our clients. We drive retail traffic, build brands and persuade consumers to buy.

How We

Stay Curious

Search where others don’t and find inspiration at every turn.

Drive Performance

Our clients must win before we can.

Build Relationships

We were built on trust, integrity and a handshake.

Bet on Ideas

Be in the game. Take risks that lead to success.




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Meet The

Michael Magnusson

An entrepreneur, risk taker, and philanthropist. He created Pinnacle Advertising 21 years ago based on trust, a leap of faith, and a handshake.

“There are few things more satisfying than building something from scratch.”

    Michael Magnusson

    Jac Mansour

    A visionary with a nimble and flexible approach, who has a knack for herding creative cats. A truly unique gift amongst talented innovative leaders.

    “If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, it’s probably not worth doing.”

      Jac Mansour

      Chief Creative Officer
      Julie Drinane

      A team player in the office and with our clients. She embraces our entrepreneurial spirit while enforcing the procedures that make us tick like clockwork.

      “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go as a team.”

        Julie Drinane

        VP, Finance/Human Resources
        Jake Rostollan

        A leader to our clients and our company. He parleys his large agency experience into actionable insights for our entrepreneurial culture.

        “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

          Jake Rostollan

          EVP, Group Account Director
          Chris Arkell

          A combination of form and function. He bridges the gap of flawless client service with the operational efficiencies that every business only hopes to attain.

          “Manufacture your own good luck with hard work.”

            Chris Arkell

            EVP, Managing Director
            Justine Cervenka

            A research and insight junkie. Her natural curiosity, coupled with her business acumen, translates into groundbreaking ideas for our clients.

            “Strive for Excellence, not perfection.”

              Justine Cervenka

              EVP, Strategy & Planning
              Catie Holoubek

              A builder of teams. She proudly wears the badge of “head media nerd” and creates strategic and executional roadmaps across traditional and digital channels.

              “Clearly this conversation requires candy.”

                Catie Holoubek

                EVP, Media
                Kristen Paris

                Our conductor. She ensures that our operational parts and players stay in perfect harmony, while guiding our people to reach their highest potential.

                “Your difference, makes a difference.”

                  Kristen Paris

                  Director of Operations
                  Tracy Richards

                  A digital native with a passion for growth. She is a leader, strategist, creative, mentor, student, negotiator, fire starter, and fire extinguisher.

                  “Nobody panic. Everybody calm down.”

                    Tracy Richards

                    Chief Growth Officer

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                    We’re always looking for Never-Settlers: curious, nimble, quick-thinking team players who can help us energize our clients’ brands… while having fun doing it. If that sounds like you, click below. But do it soon — we work fast around here.

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